Welcome to Bengaltrail

Leave the roads, hit the trails with our trail running series.


Accomodation is available only in shared tents(luxury/dormitory). Noexception will be made to this. The base camp is well equipped with all necessities like proper toilets, beds, floor beds, blankets, pillows, comforters etc. The night might get a little chilly, hence proper arrangements for blankets will be there.

Places & interests

Mid of February you might even see plenty of blood red Polash flower in full bloom. Chances are there you will feel like early Holi with the riot of red colours.
A lot of places might be exlored nearby, like the Ajodhya hills, several waterfalls, a manmade lake and a village that makes all the chau masks. All these can be explored with an extra day trip along with the two camp days.

Camp Fire & Event Arena

Enjoy a session of culturual event by the locals, Chau Dance, Santhali Dance and music will be there. Bring along your guitars and instruments and sing along. A campfire will keep you warm while the race director briefs you in the events arena.

Other Facilities

Help Desk/Race control room

To answer all your questions, concern and assist in quick search and rescue, a help desk/race control room will be set up.


For participants, and guests as well as media, adequate parking space will be provided.